What is a Giclée? Why Buy a Giclée?

A Giclée print looks almost exactly like the original art. It is the best possible reproduction available today. You can compare a giclée excellent light, very close up with an original Nan Sea Love painting right next to it and not be able to tell the difference. Each print is signed and numbered by the artist and the printing of an edition is carefully supervised by the artist.

Nan Sea also has available stunning hand-enhanced giclée with the addition of 24k gold foil, semi-precious stones and colored pencil.

This revolution in the art print world is a long awaited blessing for demanding and meticulous artists like Nan Sea. She uses the best printer available, Skylark Images to get excellent color reproduction and quality her work demands. Nan Sea art looks stunning on fine art archival paper Giclées since so much of her art has been done on paper. Available for those who prefer, Giclée on canvas gives that canvas “museum quality” look often demanded by the serious fine art collector. Canvas Giclées do not need to be framed with protective glass, so the image can be seen clearly without bothersome glare, or expensive museum glass. The natural texture of the canvas gives the print the look and feel of an original oil painting. Canvas Giclées are more durable than paper prints.

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