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“Thank you for Being a Vegan” Altar Box is a supportive gift for the new vegan, and an attractive reminder for anyone. See it at our online store that also features 100% Organic cotton T-shirts, Animal Bereavement Cards, Altar Boxes, Buttons, Activist Shopping Bags, over eighty unique products.

“Thank You!” also available as a print on fine art paper with archival inks 13 by 13 inches $50 unframed.


© Art Copyright Nan Sea Love 2005. All rights reserved.
10% all profits gratefully donated to animal and environmental causes.

Thank You for Being Vegan

Fish have nervous systems so really do feel pain. Numerous scientific reports from around the world confirm that fish feel pain. Researchers from the University of Edinburgh and University of Glasgow studied the pain receptors in fish and found that they were strikingly similar to those of mammals; the researchers concluded that "fish do have the capacity for pain perception and suffering."There is much evidence that eating fish is perilous to you and your loved one’s health.

The excellent, must-see documentary End of the Line impactful statement is frightenly close to being true words,

“Imagine a world without fish”

The filmmakers have generously made availalbe the the whole documentary for free.

Learn more about these beautiful and complex creatures we share the planet with:

Check out Aquazone Desktop Garden for a beautiful, calming screen saver of actual moving fish and scenes you can choose, but you don't have to feel sorry for them being stuck in a tank, feed them, or clean their aquarium! (We receive no money for this plug we just want to share because it is a best to keep fish in their native habitats not in aquariums)

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