So How Does it Work?

By Nan Sea Love

“I have explained elsewhere the religious theories why giving from the heart increases prosperity tenfold. But here are a couple of examples from nature. I think they illustrate well that giving is just the nature of the universe.

“My favorite analogy makes sense if you have studied a little anatomy and physiology. Think of the circulatory system. Now imagine the capillaries. The molecules of blood, carrying nutrients and oxygen and carrying away waste products have to travel through very narrow channels. At some points, the blood cells have to go single file, blood cell by blood cell. What would happen if an individual muscle cell being supplied by these capillaries thought he was separate and not part of the whole. What if that one muscle cell said 'I am going to hold on to the nutrients and oxygen that the blood cells are bringing, then I will have it all instead of letting it pass by me and wasting the nutrients and oxygen on those muscle cells down the capillary from me. I'm going to be rich! Or at least I'm going to have a very comfortable retirement.' So this misguided muscle squeezes and squeezes the capillary to get all of the nutrients. He does not even notice that he is poisoning himself with his greed. What happens, of course, is that the greedy “me-first and foremost” thinking starves ALL the cells, even the greedy one who caused the problem. The flow is stopped, none of the wastes are removed and no nutrients or oxygen can be delivered. If that cell does not let go and share all the cells will soon die. Just like us when we use vast amount of resources to fight wars over resources that could have been shared.

“Another prosperity example is growing food. If you have an apple tree and you water, feed and tend it carefully it will present you with rich, juicy apples. If you are too concerned with not being able to afford the water or fertilizer or time you will have nothing.”

We would love to hear how the concept of Prosperity or especially the image "The Prosperity Angel” has helped you. E-mail us your story, with your permission the best stories will be reprinted here so that they can help others.

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