How “The Prosperity Angel” Helped Change My Life

Beth L.D. of Healdsberg, California tells:
“I only had $50 to my name. Things looked grim. My future business partner and I wanted to start up a therapeutic massage center. But we needed $20,000 for the building lease and just a few days to get it. My partner kept saying,'We can't do it, we can't afford it.' I kept saying, 'The money will appear if it is meant to be.' And I just knew it was meant to be because I kept getting led. I told her again and again, 'Don't worry the money will come.' And it did, the day we needed to sigh the lease we got a loan for the full amount!
The image of The Prosperity Angel click here to see really helped me focus on the abundance of the Universe rather than getting stuck in temporary poverty consciousness which seemed so real at the time. Many years later here we still are, a beautiful spa in the heart of the beautiful wine country."—Beth L. D .

N. J. H. of San Mateo, California tells:
“I had just finished talking to my friend, Betty, who often has money problems. To encourage her to tithe, which I knew would help her, I told her all of Nan Sea's stories I had heard about the Prosperity Angel. But things weren't going very well for me at this time. I had a mentally disturbed person moving out of my house FINALLY. This poor woman had treated me so badly I definitely did not want to be home when she came to get her things.

As I was leaving a little neighbor girl knocked on the door with this tiny baby bird she had found in my driveway. There was no logical reason for a baby bird to be anywhere near my house—it was all new houses and tiny trees as far as the eye could see, but there it was looking very fragile, on the edge of life. Even though I really, really wanted to leave I called the Bird Rescue Center and waited to get a call back. While waiting I got an e-mail from my friend, Jim, who had never before complained about money and I had thought was relatively well-off. He sounded so desperate about money that I took the time to also tell him about Nan Sea's prosperity philosophy, stories and painting. When I finished I still had no call back from The Bird Rescue Center, I called again and again but just their machine saying someone would call me back. The all-volunteer center closed at 5 p.m. It was now 4:30.

I really, really wanted to leave right away to avoid the crazy ex-house mate. Instead I was going to have to find a special box and drive all the way across town in heavy traffic if this tiny bird was going to be saved. I was tired, I'd hardly slept nor eaten for a whole day, I dreaded the drive more than the crazy woman. What I am about to say is really, really not like me, but I was tempted to just let the baby bird die. But then I looked at this tiny, little life and I just couldn't do it, I had to try to save him. I began to look for the right kind of box to take him to The Bird Rescue Center. While I was looking I got another phone call, it was my lawyer, who had never called me before, I had just won $18,000! Of course, I would have won the money even if I had not been at home, but still, I was only home to answer that call because I had followed my heart, first with the bird and then with my hurting friend and then with the bird again. While talking to the lawyer the crazy ex-house mate arrived. One good thing I knew about her is she loved animals, so I interrupted the lawyer to ask her if she could find a box for it. She not only did that she took it to The Bird Rescue Center! I immediately e-mailed my friend to tell him what had happened in the half hour since I had told him Nan Sea's prosperities stories. We have those e-mails as proof of this whole story! The next day I talked to the rescue center, the tiny bird was too young, only a day old and did not live. I think of that little bird as a tiny angel brought to my door by fate or the hand of God to remind me to always be guided first by my heart.”

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