Prosperity Angel
By Nan Sea Love

Seeing the “All Mighty Dollar” in a different light

You can use this angel as a visual meditation to help dissolve belief in lack. Money is really just paper or metal, its only value are the underlying agreements for exchanges of energy. What many of us have forgotten is: There is abundant energy and limitless love in the Universe when we look to the Source. If you trust the essential goodness and love of the universe you can, from that loving energy, share from your heart. Energy is transformed then—from the Divine, to money, to love flowering in abundance all around you. Love will take root and blossom around you.

Much of the world’s suffering comes from the belief there is not enough. This faith in lack results in clinging to what little we have. When the energy flow is stopped, fighting to get what "little" there is begins. Greed, hunger and even wars result from this illusion. As you trustingly open your heart and hands, the Wealth of the Universe will flow through you.

The founders of the United States knew this when they put “In God We Trust” on money. Learn what the symbols on money really mean.

Cast thy bread upon the waters, for thou shalt find it after many days.”—Ecclesiastics

The Artist’s Story tells the amazing transformation this vision helped create in the life of the Nan Sea Love. More Stories of Prosperity’s transformative magic.

Click on art to see details.To see full size painting which is quite large and detailed contact artist.

Unlimited Edition Giclée on Somerset Velvet signed by artist 16 x 22 inches $150. What is a Giclée?
Poster 23 x 35 inches on high quality heavyweight 7 mil semi-glass paper using superior dye inks.
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The Angel of Properity by Nan Sea Love