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What to do first when your pet is missing:

When you initially lose your animal is quite difficult to think on your feet so there are things that may slip your mind.

Get help, you are only one person, you cannot do it everything yourself, but there are many loving and caring people who are waiting for opportunities to help, especially animals and those that love them. This horribly scary event can actually be a blessing in disguise bringing you and your neighbors closer together. Do a lot of walking and talk to everyone, especially children (they talk to each other and have a network of knowledge about the area we adults have forgotten) and call out a lot if your animal friend responses to calling. Sunrise and sundown and around nine (bring flash light and look more quietly) are good times.

Rent humane traps and check often, no wet food at night because your animal may have to fight another animal; there are rescue groups in your local area that will help you

Immediately call your local animal shelters and report your animal missing. It is better to go down there than to assume it is done. When you are there ask for a list of rescue groups in your area. Some groups will come to your area for a donation and help you find your animal.

Bring a flyer with you and post on the board as well as in the lost and found binder.

If the animal continues to stay missing go (or have someone go for you) to the shelters every five days or more.

Make sure you ask to see all the rooms. Often animals arrive at the shelter hurt and are kept in another area until they have been treated.

Make flyers right away. Post them in your immediate area first, but remember animals can travel and be picked up by well-meaning travelers, so broadcast your information widely; community bulletin boards; coffee places; flyers in people's mailboxes is actually illegal, but you can put flyers in places that people habitually go, on there newspapers, garbage cans, cars windshield, front porch, etc. One great way to get the whole community involved is to post flyers in very high traffic areas like popular shopping malls.

Put your animal's poster into the local paper as soon as possible. A photo is more expensive but early on it is important to have a lot of visibility.
Put a reward amount on all flyers. Describe your location, the animal’s names, distinguishing marks, collars, etc, male or female, spayed or not and quirks about your animal.

Look at all lost and found resources on line where you can post your animal and also view found animals There are some local shelters also have web (check for your local shelter) pages showing adoptable animals

Keep an eye out for services such as this in your county, near us in Napa County California is this:

Give flyers to: local vets, pet stores, community groups, and churches, these are excellent resources because there is a built-in community of people who communicate with each other.

Sometimes animals end up at the Humane Society so be sure to visit there often and show pictures of your animal.

Post your information on Craigslist with a link for a photo. Find out if there are local on line bulletin boards for your community (for example in our community of California's Sonoma County there is a a pet catagory in our local bulletin board

Call radio stations and ask them to mention your animal.

Be creative, and don't be afraid to use your intuition, it can be a great resource—and remember to breath.

A good resource can be pet communicators. They are quite comforting and help to locate an animal. There is an Animal Communicator directory under their state at

Here are a few who come highly recommended:
Annette Martin It is said she actually works with the police department to locate lost people. There is a wait to get an appt with her.

Carol Robinson: Amazing gentle communicator with a great CD to guide you through meditations to bring your animal home called Missing Animal Resource and Meditation Guide

This heartfelt and comprehensive resource and meditation guide is custom made for the person in search of a missing animal companion. The contents are inspired from Carol’s own work as a professional animal communicator.
Carefully selected techniques are combined with a deep wisdom to offer practical, effective, and compassionate support during this stressful time.
Also included are two guided meditations led by Carol’s gentle voice, interwoven with the soothing background music.

1. Basic search tips and practical suggestions about where to begin and what steps to take.

2. A comprehensive and insightful message to empower, encourage, and comfort the listener.

3. Golden cord meditation for relaxation and reflection to help guide the animal home.

4. Oasis meditation to refreshen, rejuvenate and inspire solace for the listener. Beneficial both during the search and after the animal has been found.

To order: send check or money order for $17.60 (includes shipping if within the U.S.) to
Carol Robinson
P.O. Box 501
Corte Madera, CA 94976-0501

There are some great books that help you to talk to your animal as well.

Some other websites you might want to check out: and for lost cats, and

There are pet detectives:
Sherlock Bones is one of them.

Most of the pets that go missing every year never come home. But a new "Amber Alert" system for animals may change those odds. With you create a website with a picture of your cat or dog and pertinent info like his tag number and your phone number. Also look for your lost pet at
You will be connected to many animal shelters; many have photos of found pets. Make sure that you register your lost or found pet.

Your demeanor: Although this is by far one of the most devastating experiences, make a real effort to stay calm and talk to your animal as much as possible. This may be hard for you to believe, but we have a very strong connection to them and if we are scared they feel it. Allow your feeling but send strong love to your animal
If there are any questions you need answered feel free to email us.

Peace and love to all animals and their families

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