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Contact artist for Limited Edition Giclée of Prosperity Angel on Somerset Velvet or canvas signed by artist 16 x 22 inches.
What is a Giclée?
Print on fine art paper with archival inks 13 x 18 inches $50
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Seeing the “All Mighty Dollar” in a different light

Shown here is the Freedom Angel also see the Prosperity Angel Both help dissolve belief in lack. She teaches about money. She says to think logically, you’ll realize money is really just paper or metal, its only value is as a symbol for an exchanges of energy. Remember, There is abundant energy and limitless love in the universe. Trust goodness and love and you will be able to give to your heart’s delight.

Faith in lack results in clinging to what “little” you have. Much of the world’s suffering comes from the belief there is not enough. When you stop the natural flow of energy, struggle to get the precieved “little” begins. Greed, hunger and even war can result from this illusion. Open your heart and hands, the Wealth of the Universe will flow through you. Share from your heart, love will take root, flowering in abundance and blossom around you.

Cast thy bread upon the waters, for thou shalt find it after many days.”—Ecclesiastics

The Symbols on money are speaking

It is no accident the words “In God We Trust” are on money, nor “liberty,” nor pictures of wings.

The Artist’s Story the amazing transformation this vision helped create. More Stories of the Freedom Angels transformative magic.